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Be proud of healthy and beautiful teeth

Our vision
Healthy teeth and a bright smile contribute to a strong body. Your mouth and teeth are part of your body, they are inseparably connected. For this reason the human being is at the heart of the Lawant Dental Clinic: we take care of your teeth in a pleasant environment, and in close consultation with you.

Prevention is the most important issue. Our dental hygienists give you advice on daily dental care. They also provide regular professional cleaning of your teeth. Keeping your teeth healthy can help you to avoid more serious problems and extensive, expensive treatments.

Trust and comfort
At every appointment we take the time needed to make you feel at ease. We are well aware that you have faith in us, faith in our knowledge and experience. We provide information and explain every step, in order to make the treatment as clear for you as possible. If necessary, we work with patient-friendly anaesthesia methods. This way, care for healthy teeth and feeling at ease at the dentist go hand in hand.

We offer:

  • general dentistry
  • prevention plan for children
  • cosmetic dental care (whitening and facings)
  • root canal therapy
  • ceramic crowns and bridges
  • implants, a comfortable and lasting solution
  • treatment of sleep apnea and snoring (SomnoDent® Certified)
  • dental prosthesis\
  • periodontology (gum treatments)


High quality
Quality is our main priority. The Lawant Dental Clinic meets high quality standards and is a member of and/or certified by:

  • KRT, the Dutch Quality Register for Dentists
  • ISO 9001, the international norm for quality management systems
  • KRM, the register for professional dental hygienists
  • NMT, the Dutch corporation of dentists
  • NVTS, the Dutch society for apnea Healthcare

We are continually looking for improvement. The latest developments in dentistry are closely followed. Our dentists, as well as our dental hygienists and prevention assistants, attend updating courses on a regular basis.

At the Lawant Dental Clinic we work with the most advanced equipment. Our hygiene protocols conform to the highest standards.

Last but not least: two minds know more than one. We believe in close cooperation with colleagues, suppliers and (academic) medical centers.

Meet our team

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New patients are welcome. At the moment there is no waiting list. Please contact us by mail or phone (English spoken).

Lawant Dental Clinic
Groningerweg 93-95
9766TM Eelderwolde
Tel.  050 – 30 92 328


Our opening hours are:
Monday 07.00 am to 21.00 pm
Tuesday 07.00 am to 21.00 pm
Wednesday 07.00 am to 21.00 pm
Thursday 07.00 am to 21.00 pm
Friday 07.00 am to 14.30 pm